Our Officers:

Wayne Chatham, Chairman

Wayne has over 29 years of experience in the electronic payment space including credit and debit card issuing, merchant acquiring and closed loop gift card services. With Discover Card, Wayne was an early pioneer kick-starting their merchant acceptance group leading their top sales division. With NPC, Wayne and other team members managed a serious growth burst in just 9 years and became the largest U.S. merchant acquirer. In 1996, Wayne was one of the founders of Stored Value Solutions (SVS), a closed loop gift card services provider leading their sales efforts to be the largest U.S. provider with over 500 merchant retailers and one billion transactions annually.

David Hill, Chief Executive Officer

Dave has over 25 years of executive management experience working for three (3) multi-billion dollar life insurance companies. He has been responsible for all aspects in managing these companies, including serving as the president and CEO of 1 of the companies, strategic planning, mergers and acquisitions, product development and their introduction to the marketplace, as well as sales distribution. Dave is a co-founder of Card Compliant, LLC.

Card Compliant

CardFact is a member company of Card Compliant, LLC. Card Compliant is a compliance specialty company serving the prepaid and stored value card industry. Designed to address niche issues, Card Compliant provides technology-supported services and solutions to the regulatory compliance challenges encountered in administering card programs. Visit www.cardcompliant.com